daniel J. d’amico

inaugural Director

the stephenson insitute for classical liberalism and

affiliated associate professor

wabash college


“the chief means of coercion at the disposal of government is punishment. under the rule of law, government can infringe a person’s protected private sphere only as punishment for breaking an announced rule.”

-- f.a. hayek (1960, p. 206).

Popular writings and commentaries on my research:

“Why nations jail” and “the many factors leading to mass incarceration,” lead and response essays at cato unbound: September 2015.

“we don’t need mass incarceration to reduce crime: an interview with daniel j. d’amico,” the freeman: November 19, 2015.

“4 things you should know about mass incarceration,” The FReeman: April 30, 2014.

“public choice: the science of political skepticism,” the skeptical libertarian: march 8, 2014.

“the american prison state,” Mises daily: May 5, 2011.